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Thursday, August 14, 2008

it has been a very long time..

Wow, I've let this thing sit for over a year now. I don't even know if anyone bothers to look at it anymore. Anyway, here is a short update:

I graduated and received my BA in History back in May and in October I am getting married. Currently, I have a job at the university library. That basically is it. I'll try to update this more. God bless you

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I am a glutton and a sucker for punishment..

AHHH, what was I thinking..taking three work intensive classes this semester? Argh...I have a ton of research and a nasty paper to write for Craft of the Historian, several intensive assignments for Ancient Rome, and tedious work in Latin II. :( This is going to be a killer semester but I hopefully should get through it..I am hoping for A's. Anyway...let the whippings commence :) LOL

Monday, January 08, 2007

Thoughts on Saddam's demise

Well, the "Butcher of Bagdad" has finally gone to be judged by his Maker but today's news that the court in Iraq has dropped the charges concerning the treatment of the Kurds has made me wonder if his execution was just to begin with. I am for the death penalty in certain situations and in the case of Saddam, an execution was justified but....the way it was done was not just. It is wrong in any situation to taunt the accused as they are about to leave this earth. Now they have dropped some of the charges against him, after the fact that he is dead? This is odd. What is honestly going on over there? Its bad enough that we have put ourselves in this nasty situation in Iraq where we have lost so many lives..both American, our Allies, and innocent Iraqis. Now, the butcher who we overthrew is dead and they are clearing him? Why did we go there? When are we getting out? this about oil as some crazy liberal, greenie people have been saying? Hmm, who knows. I'm throwing this up for discussion. I'd like to see what any of you think.

Happy New Year!

LOL...I had thought that no one was looking at this blog anymore until I noticed that I have alot of unmoderated comments on Blogger. I'm so sorry. Anyway, this past year has been eventful for me. I went back to school and had got three A's this past semester in Latin I, Early Periods in British Literature, and the Cold War. This semester I am taking Latin II, Craft of the Historian, and Ancient Rome. Latin and Ancient Rome will be alot of fun..Craft of the Historian..not so much because it will probably feature more revisionist stupid stuff that you get in these sorts of classes. Oh well, I need it for my major. Happy Epiphany to everyone and yes..I will attempt to again post on this blog since I guess there are some people still out there who want to look at it ;)

God bless you :)

Friday, July 21, 2006

thoughts on Middle East, etc...

I have been watching the news a bit these past couple of days. It looks like the Middle East is acting the way it usually chaos, war, etc. Its like the 80's all over again. This doesn't look good either way it goes. I think that Israel should still be a state if only for there to be a non muslim state in the Middle East but I am very concerned about our fellow Catholic brothers and sisters over there. I believe there needs to be a cease fire immediately. Let us heed to plea of the Holy Father and pray that a solution can be made soon.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

A return from a long hiatus.... has been several months since I have last blogged. There has been alot going on that I would like to shortly comment on.

First: The rumors concerning the reconciliation of the SSPX and the possible liberation of the Tridentine Mass. Honestly, there isn't much I can say about it except that I'll believe it when I see it. There has been alot of rumors..some are plausible but we don't know what is going on really. There are several who think they do but until we hear something very official (coming from the Holy Father or one of the Congregations..of Worship, CDF, etc) there isn't much to talk about. It is my feeling that something is up..what that entails...well..only time will tell. We need to continue to pray for this as I do every day.

Second: on the personal front..I have been accepted as a novice oblate of the Militia Templi. We had our first preceptory meeting last week in Oklahoma. I had a wonderful time and made new friends :). I was also formally initiated into the Novitiate. I'm so happy to be a part of this order. I pray for their continued success.

Third: On Holy Saturday at the Easter Vigil, my baby brother was recieved into the loving arms of Holy Mother Church. I am so happy for him. I hope that he will stay faithful to Our Lord Jesus Christ and grow in the Faith.

These are all the developments that have happened so far. I will try to be a bit more regular in my posts when time permits. Feel free to leave messages in my combox. I enjoy good discussions :) God bless you all

Monday, February 06, 2006

On the cartoons depicting Mohammed...

Hmmm...What to say about the cartoons and the needless violence that has ensued? I have seen the cartoons that were published in the Danish papers and others in Europe. To be very blunt and honest here...the pictures although disrespectful and for Muslims..offensive..aren't nearly as bad as the ones that have been made to bash Our Lord, Our Lady, and Holy Mother Church. There have been countless books, movies, cartoons, tv shows, etc that do nothing but bash the Catholic Church and the Faith she has held dear for 2,000 years. What has been the response to attacks on the Church? Has the Holy Father issued a holy war on those who make such stuff? Has the Church threatened to behead those who insult Our Lord? No, we don't do nothing. True, a few people write letters, organize boycotts, maybe a demonstration or two but nothing approaching the needless violence that these cartoons have ignited. This is absurd. The reaction that these protesters have demonstrated sadly has reinforced the stereotype that muslims are barbaric and backward and therefore cannot live in a modern society that "cherishes" freedom of expression, speech, etc. Of course, such freedoms must come with responsibility. Drawing these cartoons was not responsible.

In this country, political cartoons can be bitingly satirical and in the case of these cartoons, they are but some are also very tasteless. Both cases are wrong. On the one hand you have Godless Europe being shown for perhaps the first time (ok..not the first time but maybe some lights will come on in their heads..ok.. a very FEW heads)how dangerous militant Islam is. For years we have heard constant slogans such has "Death to America! Death to Israel!" Now, were are hearing other slogans aimed at some of the European nations. Will these demonstrations (riots) finally make these governments see the truth in their dire situation? No, probably not. They are blinded by their own arrogance (thinking that secularism is the best form of government and society, that religion..especially Christianity is worthless, that killing their children or just not having any is a good thing, etc)and will be killed by it. Europe has hated its own history for a long time. The roots of this started in the Protestant Revolt, grew during the "enlightenment" and became mature during the 20th century. Europe is perhaps in its death throes. I know that the Holy Father wants to do all he can to remind Europe of their Christian roots and perhaps, with God's Grace some hearts will soften to the Gospel..but there will only be a few pockets. Even now, there are a few, few pockets of Faith left in Europe. They will become like the Christians of the Middle East..marginalized and persecuted for centuries under what is most likely to be Muslim rule (the liberals will all be dead by one to replace them because they have refused to reproduce themselves). We need to pray for our brothers and sisters in Europe, they are in for some very rough times. Meanwhile, our own country should also be looked after. The godless secularists who kow tow to Islamic fascism must not be allowed to completely take over our country in spite of their iron handed control of the most precious of resources we have--the children who are being fed drival, lies, and propaganda at the schools. We must continue to pray for our country and yes..for Europe. I hope some lights will turn a good way (we don't want the other extreme of most European governments--totalitarian and inhumane).

Sunday, January 22, 2006

An Update on the Militia Templi...

For the past couple of months now I have been sinking my teeth into the Divine office everyday..praying Lauds, Vespers, and Compline and on occasion the other day hours. I have also been reading some of the books recommended to me by the Militia. Through this time I have been getting my materials together to send to them so that I will hope to be admitted as a novice. Well, that time has come. I have been informed that I have been accepted into the novitiate. I don't know how long this will take or where this will take me but I am excited to find out. Meanwhile, certain other issues have surfaced in regards to myself. I guess maybe I am under some sore of spiritual attack..I dunno. Anyway, please pray for me concerning this time.

There really isn't to much to comment on of late in regards to what is going on in the Church. It looks like the usual. I am looking forward to reading the Holy Father's first encyclical this comming week. Hopefully in the short future I will be able to have some time to do my series I have wanted to do here on the history of the papacy. I will have the first one up possibly sometime this week. Until then..God bless you all.